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IMPORTANT NOTE: When I created "Bloooperman" and registered this site in 2001 I genuinely believed him to be an entirely original creation. Since then I have learned via search engines that there have been several other "Blooperman" characters, one character dating back to the 1960s and an animated version made in the 70s, among others. So I have added an extra "o" to his name to distinguish him from all other "Blooperman" characters. Therefore, Bloooperman has no relationship whatsoever to any other "Blooperman" character previously created. I make no claims over rights to any pre-existing "Blooperman" characters. I hope all these "Bloopermen" can coexist in terms of copyright laws in a similar way that the "Acme" company exists in many cartoons throughout history. However, if you wish to discuss the existence of this site, please contact Dave Tyrer via the Click as a Flash website.

ABOUT FLASH: This site contains audio and is dependent on Flash ™ animation. (Flash is a trademark of Adobe® Systems, Inc. The Flash player can be downloaded from However, a brief text summary of the sites can be read at for the vision or software impaired. The text of Loungecast, Time Machine Tribune and Tortoise Islands home page appear in HTML.

DISCLAIMER AND COPYRIGHT NOTICE. All material on these sites is purely fictitious. Any resemblance to any living person is entirely accidental and unintentional. Apart from any fair dealing for genuine review purposes (which include the URL: or no part of these sites may be reproduced or transmitted in any form whatsoever without the express written permission of the copyright holder. The right of David Tyrer to be identified as the author of this work is asserted in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. This statement is in association with the "Important Note" above. The site shall not be re-transmitted, printed, lent or otherwise circulated without the written permission of the copyright holder, and shall not under any circumstances have these conditions waived for any recipient. The artistic integrity of the work contained herein may not be altered or repurposed in any way, shape or form without the written permission of the copyright holder. Click as a Flash's registered Australian Business Number is ABN 62 188 088 529.
© David Tyrer 2001-2013.

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